what is white mustard?

All about Yellow Mustard Seeds
Yellow mustard seeds are oval in shape and have a light brownish color. Their diameter is around 1 mm to 2 mm. Yellow mustard seeds are also referred as white mustard and their scientific name is Brassica alba. If yellow mustard seeds are dried, they do not have any fragrance initially, but may emit an odor later on. Among all the types of mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds are the mildest ones. They can be eaten as a seed or taken as a medicine.
So why are we discussing yellow mustard seeds? Because they are beneficial for you health if you include them in your food and use them in appropriate qualities. Want to know how yellow mustard seeds can make you more healthier? Read on to find out!
You can them for treating throat infection or common cold
Add some yellow mustard seeds to your food and eat it, or take a medicine which contains yellow mustard seeds.
Or apply them as a paste
Yellow mustard seeds can also be applied externally onto your skin as a paste. If you have a congestion in your chest, suffering from arthritis, a pain in your back or a sore throat, you can try this out and you will feel much better.
Got paralysis or know someone who is suffering from it? Apply a paste of yellow mustard while in the bath for relief.
How severe are your headaches?
If you suffering from migraine or intense headaches, yellow mustard seeds may cure you. They contain magnesium, which reduces the pain. Do you like fish? Have this with yellow mustard seeds and your body will enjoy increased amounts of omega 3 fatty acids as well.
Rich in fibrous content for better digestion
Yellow mustard seeds are rich in fibers which aid digestion in your body. Your overall metabolism is improved and your bowel movements become easier. And by the way, the fiber is soluble, which makes it even more effective.
And the biggest benefit of all
Are yellow mustard seeds a possible cure of cancer? Yes, because they contain compounds like mirosinase and glucosinolates, which can reduce the growth of cancerous cells and prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the body.
And there is more. Yellow mustard seeds also contain selenium which prevents your body from forming cancerous cells. So while your cells are reduced, additional ones are also not formed.