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Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow

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Product Features
Yellow (or white) mustard seeds (Sinapis alba) are 3mm in diameter and come in either the yellow or blackish yellow variety. What separates them from brown and black mustard seeds? Well, for one, yellow mustard seeds are larger than their brown counterparts. Also, unlike black mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds aren’t as pungent. In fact, their mild taste is exactly why they are used to make condiments such as mustard sauce. Their skins are removed before they are sold.
Cooking Usage
The dried variety is almost tasteless and odorless. However, the seeds give off heat once they are added in water or fried in a skillet. The water activates an enzymatic process so it isn’t surprising why this happens.
Dried mustard is often used as a coloring agent in dry mixes or sauces. It is often added with ingredients such as vinegar, horseradish and other spices to add a bit of heat to any dish.
Yellow mustard seeds are available either as whole seeds or as a ground powder. However, if you really want value for your money, look for premium quality mustard seeds. The term says it all. Premium quality yellow mustard seeds boast of superior quality and are fresher than what most stores offer. Organically grown seeds are not irradiated.
Health Benefits
Like black and brown mustard, yellow mustard seeds also come with a host of health benefits. For example, yellow mustard seeds are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and selenium. In addition, they also contain the following nutrients
Increases Metabolic Rate
Yellow mustard might be milder than black mustard but it is still a spice. This means that making it a part of your diet will kick-start your metabolism into high gear.
Yellow mustard seeds make a great addition to your meals whether you prefer the whole, ground or powdered variety. Make sure that you store your chosen form in a cool and dry place.

For our wholesale customers herby link to download quality specification of Sinapis Alba.
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Click to download latest “Specification Sinapis Alba grade A1

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