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black mustard

black mustard

Sell Brown mustard Brassica Nigra

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Brown mustard seeds or Brassica nigra is a seed that has a dark brownish, black color and a diameter of 1-2 mm.The seed is used as an ingredient in food to add flavor and increase the spiciness. The smell of this seed is pungent, but factor in the benefits, and you will definitely not mind the odor.
Compared to other types of mustard seeds, black mustard seeds are more difficult to harvest.
Sounds dry? We know, but we are done with the basic information now. Let us proceed to some more interesting information about black mustard seeds.

You can use it for treating a number of diseases

Brown mustard seed has so many health benefits and so does the oil that is extracted from it. It is used in many medicines, but eating it also has the same effects. Do you love veggies? Perfect, you can add black mustard seeds to your salads and enjoy the health benefits.
The common cold is, well, common. Next time you suffer from it, gulp down some black mustard seeds. Black mustard seeds are also used to increase the product of urine if someone is suffering from edema. This causes more water to be expelled from the body and the swelling decreases.
A mixture of black mustard seed and lukewarm water is a good choice for reducing the symptoms of pneumonia. Crush the seeds and mix them in warm water such that the consistency remains thick. Now pour this paste onto a piece of cloth, and wrap it up. Apply the paste on the chest of the patient suffering from pneumonia. What if you have pain in your back, aching feet or suffer from arthritis? Apply this same paste, and you feel better.

Want beautiful, healthy skin?

Brown mustard seeds are a natural scrub and moisturizer. Mix them with rosewater or aloe vera, and apply on your skin.

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