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Because before packaging and dispatch they pass through a thorough quality control process.

Sortex cleaned seeds have a minimum purity of 99.9%, and they retain 8.5% humidity. Through this process, we select only the best-colored mustard seeds.

This is why Our mustard seeds can last on the shelf for 36 months without spoilage and they retain the best taste the entire time. We have the perfect selection of mustard seed for you! 

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Our Quality Control team ensures conformation with the HACCP standards.
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Yellow Mustard

Sinapis alba or yellow mustard is an extremely popular variety of mustard seeds. Their spicy levels are lower than the black mustard’s which makes them perfect for use in making condiments.

Oriental Mustard

Oriental mustard is a close relative of yellow mustard and is popularly grown and utilized in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. Much spicier than the yellow mustard and less than black mustard.

Brown Mustard

Brassica Nigra or as it is commonly known, black mustard, is a strong variety of mustard that is known for its spicy flavor.

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throughout of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and other countries.
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Sell Ground mustard seeds and get more Flavor

Ground mustard Sell Ground mustard seeds and get more Flavor Sell Ground mustard in Europe that are high quality. Mustard seeds are utilized to make and season many dishes. They’re extremely versatile and can be utilized in a vast array of capacities. However, the mustard seed form still has its limitations. That’s [...]