Mustard Plant

Mustard Plant Mustard Seed Features

Oriental mustard seed are the granddaddy of all mustard seeds. In other words, they are the hottest mustard seeds around. How hot are they? Think horseradish or wasabi powder. Yes, now you get it. The premium quality is even more so which is exactly why its industrial uses are highly valued.

Processing and Industrial Uses of oriental

Premium quality oriental mustard seeds are meticulously cleaned according to the specific requirements of buyers. It is easy to see why. Mustard seeds that aren’t properly processed may vary in taste. That is not something that buyers like, say a provider who supplies oriental mustard seeds to a vinegar manufacture can afford. The seeds are also used for pickling and preserving spices. In other words, they are used to add a bit of heat to commercially produced food products without being too overwhelming.

Not your Average mustard Seeds

Oriental mustard seeds require as much as 90 to 95 days to fully mature. These are more days than the time yellow mustard seeds take to do the same. The oriental variety is also used in the manufacture of spicy cooking oils.  Like brown mustard seeds, the oriental kind is primarily used as a staple ingredient in hot mustard sauce.

In fact, this is also why oriental mustard or Brassica juncea, is not bred like other types of mustard seeds. For example, it is either bred to have high volatility or high oil content or low volatility or low oil content. The latter is required for dry milling purposes in some industries.

In general, mustard seeds are primarily used in the condiment and the food industry. In addition, the seeds are also used for a number of applications such as dry milling for flour, whole ground seeds for spice mixes and wet milling for mustard pastes.

So there you have it. Mustard Plant Oriental mustard seeds might cost you more than regular mustard seeds but they are well worth it if you happen to be a condiment manufacturer looking for premium quality seeds.