Ground mustard vs mustard

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If you want to add a bit of zing to your meat meals, then ground mustard seeds are sure to be useful. The spices can add a bit of heat and flavor to your favorite meats. In addition, they also come with a host of health benefits especially the black and yellow spicy variety.

Spice up your cooking with Ground Mustard

Ground mustard seeds are often a popular choice for dry rubs for meats such as –
Steaks – Use ground mustard to add a bit of heat to a flank steak
Chicken – A sprinkling of ground mustard can add a slight kick to certain chicken based dishes
Brisket – Brisket is especially enjoyed in certain countries in Eastern Europe and ground mustard seeds are a staple ingredient in the recipe. The zing of whole grain mustard seeds brings out the complexity of flavors and adds variety to the flavor of the gravy. In addition, the grounds seeds also cut into the heaviness of the meat and give the gravy a different taste.
The seeds might be tiny but they herald huge benefits. The seeds are produced and distributed widely in Europe.Carbohydrates
Ground mustard seeds are a source of good carbohydrates. In fact, they offer a higher ratio of carbohydrates to fiber. Your digestive system uses fiber to ensure that it works properly.
Other benefits
Mustard is also known as a great remedy for ailments such as congestion. It is how the remedy works that is so astounding. Add a tablespoon of Ground mustard seeds in a warm foot bath and soak your feet in it. It is believed that doing so draws the blood to the lower part of your body and relieves congestion.
In addition, the seeds also contain B complex vitamins that are essential for your body since they make it possible for it to draw energy from the food you eat. While making the seeds, especially the premium quality variety will only give you trace amounts of vitamin B-3, C and A, it is still possible to increase your daily intake of the nutrients if you combine ground mustard seeds with other ingredients or food.