Price of Mustard seed? where to buy?

How Do I Order Mustard Seeds or Ground Mustard from Larseeds and what is the Price of Mustard Seed? ?

LAR Group B.V. offers you the convenience of ordering online through this form. You can also contact us at +31 20 893 2926 or to request an offer.

You can download brochure about our company here.

How Do I Receive My Order?
You can pick your order from the LAR mustard warehouse near your location. Contact us to learn more about our warehouses in your area.

Do You Offer International Shipping?
While our company is based in Netherlands, we proudly serve customers throughout Holland, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.

Can I Get My Order Delivered to My Warehouse?
Yes, you can book mustard products with delivery option. We can deliver your goods according to your preferences i.e. quantity, packaging, and date of delivery. We ensure cheapest transport rate available in EU by top rated ferries.

How Long Will It Take to Deliver My Order?
The delivery time usually takes 3 to 7 days depending on your location.

Can I Choose the Date Of Delivery?
Yes, you can choose a preferred date of delivery as per your convenience through our special delivery term ‘on-demand’.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Quantity of Delivery?
You can place an order from 10 metric tons and up to full truckloads. The bigger the volume, the higher the value.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Space to Store My Order?
Our ‘on-demand’ delivery option is perfect for customers who wish to enjoy the value of ordering truckloads of our product, but do not have enough storage space. We can store it for you in our warehouse, and cargo will be delivered to your premises at specific date according to your schedule. This option is available for all our customers.

What Is the Minimum Quantity for Delivery ‘On Demand’?
Minimum quantity per one delivery is 10000 kg.

What are the Delivery Charges?
While we ensure the cheapest rates, our delivery charges depend on various factors such as your location and the shipping company that delivers to your location.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Product?
We ensure the quality through extensive sorting process and packing procedure that conforms to the highest standards of the industry. You can find out more about our quality assurance process here:
Click to download latest “Specification black mustard seeds”
Click to download latest “Specification yellow  mustard seeds”
Click to download latest “Specification oriental mustard seeds”

How Do You Preserve the Quality of Seeds During Delivery and Storage?
We ensure the freshness, taste, and quality of our products through our high-end packaging made from the finest quality of paper wrapped on wooden pallet. Our sturdy packaging is designed to sustain long-route transportation and heavy warehousing.

What are Your Packaging Options?

We provide our customers with world-class packaging options, value-added services, and integrated systems that are suited to their market positioning, manufacturing requirements, and financial resources.
• 25 kg paper bags, nicely wrapped on wooden pallets
• 22.68 kg paper bags, nicely wrapped on wooden pallets
• 1000 kg big bags on wooden pallets

What is the Price of Mustard Seeds?
Prices of mustard seeds are subject to confirmation, offer is valid during 2 working days since the date of issue. For current prices on ground mustard, please contact our sales force.

What is the Price of Ground Mustard seeds?
Price on ground mustard are subject to confirmation, offer is valid during 2 working days since the date of issue. For current prices on ground mustard, please contact our sales force.

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