Dry hot mustard

Are they known by any other name?
Oriental mustard seeds, green mustard seeds, Chinese mustard seeds, Indian mustard seeds, leafy mustard seeds; call them by any name you like. All of these terms refer to the seeds of a species of mustard plant that goes by the name of Brassica junce. With a flavor that is slightly bitter, these seeds originate from India and China. They are grown in other countries as well and can be harvested in both summers and winters. But seeds of plants that are harvested in the cold season have more flavor.
Oriental mustard seeds are packed with plenty of nutrients. Yes, you guessed it right! That means health benefits, let us find out more about oriental seeds.

So many delicious dishes to eat

Do you like soups? Delicious, are they not? The next time you have them, make them tastier by adding some oriental dry hot mustard. Other than soup, they are also used as an ingredient in many dishes belonging to Indian, African, Chinese, Japanese and Nepali cuisines. Generally, these dished are eaten with steam rice or chapati. In the sub-continent, a popular dish is called sarson da saag, and in Nepal, rayo, a dish of pork and oriental mustard seeds, is widely eaten.
What about dishes with that do not use oriental mustard seeds? Well make them more delicious by combining them with pickle, a special kind of which contains oriental mustard seeds.
I love the taste! Please tell me about the health benefits
There are so many health benefits of oriental mustard seeds; we can literally go on and on. but over here, we are just going to take about the important ones here.
Oriental mustard greens can prevent cancer. How? They are an anti-oxidant, a detoxifier and an anti-inflammatory agent. The combined effect prevents the growth of cancerous cells. oriental dry hot mustard also keep your heart healthy and reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body.

All sounds great, but should I be concerned about something?

Oriental mustard seeds are extremely good for your health, but there are some cases in which you should not use them. Do you have any problem with your thyroid glands? If so, avoid using these seeds because they can disrupt the production of hormones and cause a deficiency in your body. If you are suffering from oxalate urinary tract stones, then also avoid having these seeds. The oxalic acid, contained in them, can crystallize, leading to the formation of stones.
Any other situation in which oriental mustard seeds are not recommend? Yes, you are about to become a mother; don’t want anything to happen to you or that lovely baby you are about to have, right? Avoid eating oriental mustard seeds because you may increase a risk of miscarriage. And if you are lactating, then also eating these seeds will reduce the milk flow.