What are Black Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are harvested from the mustard plant and come in the yellow, white, brown and black variety. Bruised, cracked or while mustard seeds are often mixed with a variety of spices to create condiments or sauces.

Black mustard seeds or Brassica Nigra are native the areas in southern Mediterranean Europe.  They have a pungent flavor and are almost scentless. While the seeds are mostly used in Eastern Europe as cough suppressants, they also have a variety of culinary uses.

Product Features

Black mustard seeds are hard and round seeds that can vary in color from brown to completely black. The black variety is far more pungent than its whiter counterpart which is why it is often used as a spice in certain cuisines. Once cooked, the seeds give off a hot and spicy flavor. The flavor is often used to enhance the flavor of fish, fowl, sauces and salad dressing.

Health Benefits of Mustard

Of course, being spicy isn’t the only reason why black mustard seeds should enjoy a place of honor in your spice cabinet. The seeds also come with a plethora of health benefits especially when it comes to premium quality seeds. For one, mustard seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients. Phyto-nutrients make your body capable to fight off disease and helping you keep it in good working order.

Black mustard seeds also come with the following health benefits –

  • Neutralize toxins and settles an upset stomach.
  • Facilitate salivation
  • Work as an antiseptic
  • Work as a laxative or digestive and as a stimulant
  • Provide the body with quality proteins and essential amino acid.
  • Black mustard seeds are also high in plant sterols such a campesterol, brassicasterol and more

As mentioned, whole mustard seeds have no flavor. They need to be crushed or powdered before the seeds release their aroma. The aroma comes from sinalbin; an essential oil. The whole seed variety can be kept for months at room temperature provided that it is stored in areas that are not humid. Make sure that you always store ground black mustard seeds in sealed containers in the refrigerator or any cool or dry area.

Black mustard seeds can be used for a lot of recipes other than dressings for salads and should be on your list the next time you go grocery shopping and enjoy your favorite Homemade Mustard Recipe!